During your Asian nose job surgery consultation, your nasal anatomy will be examined in detail to determine the appropriate surgical techniques to create the best Asian rhinoplasty result.

In addition to a thorough examination and evaluation, an important facet of the consultation is to determine your specific aesthetic goals and desires. One key communication tool to facilitate this is computer imaging. Through the use of standardized photos of your face and nose, you and your Asian rhinoplasty surgeon will be able to graphically see what kinds of changes in the shape and projection can be achieved during surgeon.

This is an opportunity for you, as the patient, to listen to the amount and types of changes that can be expected, but also to be aware of some of the limitations Asian nose job surgery may have depending on your individual anatomy. This is also an excellent opportunity for your Asian rhinoplasty surgeon to become in sync with your aesthetic, and to determine the likelihood of satisfying your expectations during Asian nose job surgery.

As a patient interested in pursuing Asian nose job surgery, one important thing to keep in mind is that the goal during Asian rhinoplasty is improvement, not perfection.

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