Asian rhinoplasty has become a burgeoning segment of nasal surgery owing to the explosive popularity and expansion of cosmetic surgical procedures in the Asian population, both in the Western and Eastern hemispheres. As it has grown into one of the most popular facial plastic procedures for Asian patients, the surgical approaches and techniques employed during Asian rhinoplasty have also developed an increasing level of sophistication and complexity, while producing improving aesthetic results in a more predictable and durable manner.   The salient aspects of Asian…Continue Reading “Introduction to Asian Rhinoplasty”
From the humble and exceedingly primitive origins of dorsal augmentation with materials such as ivory and jade in the mid-20th century, contemporary techniques have seen a focus on minimizing complications associated with alloplastic implants and an ongoing shift towards maximizing results with autologous grafts. Alloplastic implants have enjoyed rapid and widespread acceptance by surgeons performing Asian rhinoplasty given the inherently facile nature of a pre-fabricated graft, with its associated time and cost savings, relative ease and rapidity of placement, lack of any donor site morbidity…Continue Reading “History of Asian Rhinoplasty and Asian Nose Job Surgery”